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And Dawn is Later

As I get older, I find myself being less and less a morning person. I still love mornings, but I don't like that they come so early as much as I used to. So the fall is wonderful because the sunrises start to become more accessible.

Blackberries at Dawn

My first arrival to the park gave me a view of the garden edge below the sky before the sun peeked out. The ubiquitously invasive blackberry bushes are showing above the hedge. My first cut of this image silhouetted the foreground but I think the hint of green is useful.

Art Image

This colour image of the Sidney Fishing Pier is an echo of a previous photo that has sold a number of times as a Monochromish presentation.

Art Image
Sidney Fishing Pier

This was captured well into winter and as you can see by the shadow was a bit later in the day.

Art Image
Half a Lemon

A few minutes later the sun rose to be clearly visible as half a disk.

Art Image
Dawn Explodes

A slightly more abstract imagining of the dawn takes us to a somewhat apocalyptic world of extreme contrast.

Art Image
Pointer Log

Along the sea wall a log on the beach points as if to emphasize the beast in the sky that to some is a fish while others are take to a wizarding world of movies.

Art Image
Mackerel Sky

And the magic time is almost over. Time has come to pack up the gear and head for a coffee and review of the morning's shoot on my laptop. Square is a format that is very useful in a world where the standard view is becoming more consistently 16:9. When I started photography in the film days, many of the very best cameras were square format.

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