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Interesting Chance Meeting

On Sundays sometimes I head out for breakfast with my laptop and some sort of photo task. It's enjoyable to drink a bit of coffee as I edit or group, create cards or experiment with looks. This past Sunday I was sharing the bar with a guy sitting with a stack of paper. He was sitting, drinking coffee and drawing. Turns out he's an artist who's out at the coast for a while.

We started a bit of a conversation and shared a look at some of our respective art. So I thought I'd give him a bit of a shout out and maybe send some traffic to his site. He lives at so why not head over and show him a bit of love.

Butterfly with alternative colours.
One of Mine

Screen Shot from

He had some interesting suggestions for me about putting a bit of time and energy into increasing the depth of my knowledge of colour theory but in general was pretty positive about my stuff.

Pink With Blue

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