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It's Up and Waiting For You

My last post was about an upcoming show at the Sidney Pier Hotel. It has now gone from upcoming to "upbeing". We hung the six main photos this morning in the main hallway heading to the restaurant and two others are being hung in the hallway in the spa.

wall with images

Sailor's Warning (from Island View Beach)

Beach Rock (China Beach)

Branching to Pink (Ardmore)

Passle of Leaves (Ross Bay, Victoria)

Look Up (Sidney Waterfront)

Bark Peel (Ardmore)

The two photos in the spa area are printed on other media than canvas. One is on aluminum and the other is composite under acrylic.

A Mast or Two (Tsehum Harbour, Sidney) aluminum

Fireworks (Central Saanich) composite under acrylic

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