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Painting With Camera

I had an interesting comment today that told me I was lying about how I make my images. The comment asserted that I had obviously painted some images rather than having used a camera.

Thank you, thank you. From the start of my serious photographic adventure my goal has been to create images which confuse the audience about their creation. All of the images in this post are photographs.

To be brutally honest about myself, I couldn't paint something like this at more than a two-year-old level. And I think that may be pushing the ceiling of my skill. I gather photographs and then explore them to find my inner eye's understanding of the image.

Sometimes I am wonderfully successful and sometimes I don't find anything that I had imagined was waiting for me. I do capture some images that are pretty decent without a deep dive into them but most of them still find their way to at least confusing the eye, if not right to looking like a painting.

Mostly I sell my work on canvas and this adds a bit to the mystery. I am about light, mood and emotion, not about portrayal of reality. Beauty in the commonplace. Sometimes it's right there and sometimes it takes a bit of digging.

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