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Sunset's Earlier Now

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

On Saturday I rushed to get out in time for the 7ish sunset at a local beach. The tide was fairly high which proved both an advantage and a disadvantage. It was great that the water came high enough below my vantage point that I could get reflections right to the shore. It was not so great that I couldn't get down to the beach itself until pretty much dark.

Art Image
Shadows on the Path

First, on the way to the beach, there was a fairly dramatic show of shadows with the potential to be a bit spooky.

Art Image
Rays and Rays

As the sun set over the North end of the Malahat, it lit my favourite Madrona tree with a spectacular show.

Art Image
Night Hunter

It was almost fully dark when I caught this heron hunting in the night. It is amazing that the bird stood still for the full length of this time exposure.

Art Image
Distant Lights

The last of the evening, before I packed up my gear and headed for home was an exposure that caught the last of the colour of the sunset and recorded the lights on the farther shore.

All of these images were caught by a Nikon D800 with a Sigma 24-70 lens sitting on my old faithful Manfrotto tripod.

I have a portrait of that from another shoot that I caught with my iPhone.

Art Image
Photo at Sunset

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